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Community Announcements
Snow Removal Video
The city of Lexington needs your help to keep our roads clear this winter.  Here are a few tips to help our plows clear our roads completely and spread de-icing chemicals evenly. 

Winter Pipes
ATTENTION LEXINGTON RESIDENTS; To keep your pipes from freezing during this cold snap it is recommended to keep a trickle of water running from one of your faucets to keep water moving through your pipes.


Congratulations to Mayor Mark Kurth, Commissioner John Hughes and Commissioner Kim DeVries on their reelection to the Lexington City Council. We are very happy to have you return.

This year we had a great turn out of voters. On election day we had 688 cast their ballots and of those we had 76 election day registrations. In the days leading up to election we had 64 direct ballot absentee voters.

Way to go Lexington for getting out and voting!!!!


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